17 Ağustos 2010 Salı

odd feelings are grawing me.

every/each break up comes with a huge, enormous stomachache.
and you think it will take a long long time.
as indeed it does sometimes.

you know
days becomes aimless
you just dont know what to do
you eat alot
smoke alot
read alot
drink alot
think alot

about what?
mostly nothing.

just why?
where is he/she?
what is he/she is up to?
is he/she happy?

without me?

each relationship and each break up
makes you or turns you one of the greatest philosopher ever.
you can feel that you know everything about everything.

but clealy you dont.

odd feelings are just grawing me.

i’m dying here and you keep walking ?!


"Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder 'Why am I here?', then a voice answers 'Why? Where do you want to be?'" - Charlie Brown

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